At Matsuno, we sincerely aspire to bring "change" to the global manufacturing industry with superior technology of Japanese origin that only we are capable of achieving.

In the global economy, community, and world of politics, we are witnessing the winds of "change" blowing in every aspect of our times. In the United States, Europe, Asia, and Japan, we are continuously required to set new "standards" which meet the demands of the times by reforming conventional paradigms, i.e., changes of government and a greater awareness of eco-friendliness.

This is also true in the manufacturing sector, where we increasingly feel the need for new network management ideas which are free from any fixed notions.
With the superior dies manufacturing technology that we have accumulated, we hope to assist our customer manufacturers the world over in yielding products which will find great acceptance in the global market.
The global dies and molds market is estimated to be worth five trillion yen, and Japan is responsible for 40% of this total. Adamantly refusing to compromise, Japanese manufacturers are known for their sheer perfectionism. But it is our dies manufacturing techniques which underpin the high quality of Japanese brand manufactured goods. Matsuno is a specialist manufacturer of metal dies for plastic injection molding, ranking among the top fifty in Japan and the top ten in Kansai in terms of scale and skills. Our goal is to assist manufacturers around the world through the application of age-old workmanship that has been honed throughout the years.
No die is disposable after a single use. Rather, they must be able to endure long-term use without causing any problems. We believe that the techniques necessary to make such dies are essential for cost-efficient manufacturing. If you are looking for a truly reliable solution partner, unlike those who offer cheap but inferior dies with unusually quick delivery, simply contact us. Or, you may wish to take advantage of our unique decorative molding and processing and manufacture of high-precision metallic parts made possible by our dies technology. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! We look forward to serving you soon.

Yukihide Matsuno,
President, Matsuno Kanagata Seisakusho, K.K.